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We have all the necessary services to provide a happy and balanced life to each pet that lives in a home and needs to be cared for, understood and guided appropriately and in a timely manner together with their family.


Structured Walks

30 min individual walks 

Frequency: 2, 3 or 5 times a week 

It consists of walking your pup, socializing them with their environment, helping them drain energy and providing fun in a controlled and supervised way. 

Drop-in Visits: 

30 min visits


Personalized care while you're not home. Nothing better than leaving your pet in their own environment and under our care.


Includes feeding and walk/play time.

Canoe Trip with a Dog

Hands-off Training:

1hr / lesson

4 lessons minimum


We always recommend for the family to be involved throughout their pup's education but we also understand that life happens and sometimes it's hard to be there. Don't worry! We're here for you.

With our hands-off program our trainers will go to your house to work with your pup and teach them everything they need to know, no matter if you can't be present.

Group Lessons:

1 hr / lesson

4 lessons program

Our group lessons are specially designated for those pups that, at some point, have been students of the Academy.



These are our recommended businesses:

The Seattle Barkery

Family owned dog bakery, they use local ingredients for the making of the best treats your pup will ever taste. All our pups (students and own) love their treats and cakes.

Saintly Touch

Certified as a Small Animal Massage Practitioner, Claire practices canine hydrotherapy massage and also offers canine (land) massage, nutritional counseling and palliative support amongst others. If you're looking for physical therapy for your pup, Claire is your best option.

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