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Canine psychology can be defined as the study of the soul and mind of the dog, it may sound a bit mystical and even intangible but it's what makes it MAGICAL and FASCINATING.

Canine psychology starts from the fact that our dogs are not simple mechanisms that respond to stimuli, as if they were machines and gears. It invites us to discover and recognize that dogs are beings just as complex and interesting as us, humans.

Dogs have conscience, emotions and endless qualities and attributes, once we understand it, our way of communicating with them changes forever.

Girl with Dogs

Psychological Rehabilitation

Dogs just like humans can also develop emotional imbalances and psychological problems that lead to unwanted behaviors.

Anxieties, phobias, insecurities, aggression and an endless number of situations can manifest in the lives of our dogs and we are the ones responsible of helping them manage these emotions so they'll be able to improve and make them and their family happier.

In these cases, once the initial interview has been carried out, the necessary sessions are coordinated to treat each situation in a timely and adequate manner through cognitive therapies, which will help to regulate and stabilize the case in an individual and personalized way.

The secret about dog psychology:

For a satisfactory psychological rehabilitation the fundamental piece is the dedication of the human family with its pet.

Human and dog are an inseparable pair, if both know, understand and respect each other, the bond that will be created will be unique and special making everything flow more easily.

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